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Plastic Timing Cover


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heh...I was going over the buggy last night and noticed my fan belt had jumped a rib and wore a hole in the plastic timing belt cover....Anyone have an idea how much of a pain this is gunna be to replace ????

You may be able to use epoxie glue to fix it. If you get the right stuff, it will hold. E-mail 3m corporation and tell them what your doing and they can tell you exactely what to use. About 3 years ago I bought a brand new $300 pond pump for $28 on ebay because nobody wanted it because of a a cracked plastic housing. I used epoxie and It's been working ever since. Of coase if it's cheap and easy to replace, do that.


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    • By Copperline
      I have a Coleman 550 (hisun). Wouldnt start and was sucking instead of blowing through the spark plug hole. Got to the timing chain and it was very loose and for sure the timing was way off. Got the tensioner off and set it to TDC and got the cam gear back aligned. Put the chain back on and set the tensioner as instructed and the chain is still very loose. I extended the tensioner as far as it would go to test and the chain is still loose. 
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      Had to replace the camshaft and exhaust valve rocker arm due to abnormal wear. The cam lobe was ground nearly completely off!
      Now I have a no start.
      The only service manual I've been able to find for this is the HS 500-700 edition. This manual shows a split head with 5 valves. Mine is 2 valves with a machined 1 piece head. The HS400 head looks the same. The problem is that neither of these give an accurate description of how to set up the timing after a cam replacement.
      I watched the video that is posted on this site but that is for the split (2 piece) head. 
      I have attached a picture of how I lined up the timing marks. What have I done wrong?
      Timing gear, all marks to top. Crank (thru armature peep hole) is there. 3rd line, top center but it doesn't sound like I have decompression.
      In fact, my go round put me at least 2, maybe 3 links off (early) and I actually thought it was going to run. I could hear the motor pop but wouldn't fire and run. After I readjusted the chain I get no indication of any fire and sounds like no decompresion. ??

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      I was looking at purchasing a 2017 Hisun vector 500, used of course.  The seller is selling it cheap stating the machine had "an unknown oil leak" and his kids ran it low on oil causing the timing chain to brake.  I am not familiar with small engines, but with what is being described, wouldn't this result in some damage to other internal components as well?  Just trying to get an idea if the machine is worth fixing or would it likely need a complete engine/overhaul to make it right before I entertain the thought of purchasing it.
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