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We have a 2020 Hisun 450 Sector that we purchased brand new.  Just wondering if anyone has experienced the product to be defective as we have?

We bought the unit from a Hisun Dealer in Aug 2020 to ride around in our neighborhood .  This unit has broke down 3 times for same drive shaft problem and been in shop more than we have enjoyed.

This unit has a drive shaft alignment problem according to service center and Hisun has no true fix for problem and just keep doing same repair to the drive shaft . 

Hisun has covered under warranty, which will expire this year but now that we are pushing the issue, Hisun claims you are not supposed to tow or haul with their units and are saying we are mis-treating the unit.  We do not haul or tow with this unit but yet owners manual has capacity to haul or tow and unit came with towing hitch!

The unit was in shop that Hisun recommended from 5//24/21 and until late July 2021 for rear drive shaft.  Then again around end of September 2021 unit started jerking and making grinding noises.  We contacted Hisun again and they recommend that we take to same service center.  The unit was in shop from Sept 2021 until January 2022 for rear drive shaft again.  While at the service center the shop showed me some other Hisun's that they had to repair for same problem.  For the 3rd time this unit started jerking and grinding noises on 4/24/22.  We took unit back to service center again and reached out to Hisun multiple times by email and phone only to be told it is our fault that they have a defective unit/part.  The service center repaired unit again and we picked up Mid May.  We have sent Hisun pictures of the drive shaft and the mis-alignment issue and have been trying to get a resolution to this problem instead of temporary fix!

This is end of May 2022 and the unit is having same issues again .  

We would highly recommend. to stay away from Hisun.  The product we have is defective and they do not care or stand behind their product!

We are looking into legal action and if anyone has similar problems with Husun please email me.  


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