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2022 Axis same as HS500 seat adjustment

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Got a good deal from Lowe's on an Axis 500. Same as the Hisun HS500. So I've been told.


Anyway the wife is 5ft nothing and has trouble reaching the break and gas pedals. I'm needing a solution for making an adjustable seat for her when she drives. But has to go all the way back for me. Or my knees will be in the steering wheel.

Anybody got a solution. Also don't like the fact that the seats are held in by the plastic.

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Not yet.

There is some after market adjusters out there for sale. Saw a set on ebay for 5 bucks. One side adjusts, the other just glides.

They make pedal extenders. Kinda high for what you get. So I'm going the diy route. Going to take a 4x4 block of wood. Some long bolts and a wingnut for easy removal. Going to give that a try and see what happens.

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Well finally got the driver's side seat so wife will be able to slide seat forward.

Couldn't find my jigsaw metal blades, so had to use the wood blade I had installed in jigsaw. Wasted a lot of time looking for metal blades. Was only able to get the driver's side done. But I have the seat to put in passenger side.

I got a new-to-me set of RZR seats off eBay. Then a set of seat sliders off eBay. I used the existing seat base and made a new one out of a piece of 1/16 metal I had laying around. (Old data cabinet side panel) then took the latch off the old seat base and put on new metal base. The only issue is I need to make the rear "fingers" a little thicker. The rear of the base has a little play when seat is empty. But not enough to cause any issue when riding. Also may need a few washers between the base plate and latch. When the seat is installed. The latch keeps the plate from setting all the way down. But I just pull up on the latch and let it side down a little lower on the locking post.


Not to mention the harness will keep you in the seat. Got the harnesses off Amazon

Below are pics. 







New seat all the way back.





The slide slid all the way forward.





Pic of lock


Here is the seat sliders.



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Unfortunately withe the seat sliders and the way the cushions is angled. 

I don't think it sits any lower. Even with the new flat base plate.

I guess I could cut the frame of the RZR seat. Then attach the bottom cushion directly to the slide. Then use a piece of "L" bracket to attach the backrest directly to the slide.

But don't want to hack up a good frame. Just sounds like too much work for little reward.

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