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Just got back today from Black Mountain {harlan county} had a great time it's 6000 acres rode for two days I don't care what people say about the trooper I think it is one bad ass machine I went up hills through mud holes in two wheel drive like it was nonething everybody came over and ask me what is it I told them a joyner trooper there are not very many of them around here I seen a group of people at breakfast said hi and went on later that day on top of the mountain they were taking a break Talking about me and then I pop up over the hill they said they were talking about me was my ears burning ha ha they came over and look at it everybody like it I only had to use 4 wheel drive a couple of times I look like 4x4x454 going up that hill I wish the wife went so she could have took my picture Here you can't drive the trooper on the street but in this town you could it felt funny driving on the street come right off the trail drive right up to the store

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