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Wheel Spacers


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Just wondering if anyone has added wheel spacers to their UTV yet? I know with the Trooper you are already as wide as a UTV gets but with even more width comes more stability. Problem for some might be too much width for narrow tracks. These are available at T.Js so someone must of tried them out. Any thoughts?

Cheers Mike.

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where we ride, you don't want to be any wider than what they are stock, but I think you can get them straight from Joyner if you want them. I was pricing a unit and HID lights for a customer and noticed them advertised at Joyner.

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Guest Lenny

I used a set of 2" spacers for my Trooper when I ran 25" paddle tires. They were on 12" rims and the spacers were required to clear the brakes etc. Even then I had to do a little trimming of the casting seperation lug on the brake along with moving it in about 1/8" and I needed to reduce the the OD of the brake disk by 1/4". Everything cleared then. Don't need them now that I went to much bigger paddles (16.50 x 15 rears and 13.50 fronts). This is an experiment so I'll keep every one informed. My objective is to not churn them like typically done but to hook up like a track with minimum slip. We'll See. Might sell my spacers later but not ready yet.


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