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Yesterday my Trooper blew the fan circuit fuse. The book says it should be 25amp and it had a 20amp installed. If anyone can tell which wire under the hood is the fan wire I would really appreciate it. The instrument power has been intermittent at times and I suspect the two failures may be related.

As a side note: I did my first oil change - - boy was that fun!!! My car has the welded in skid pan so I had to cut a hole to allow the oil to drain without creating a mess. After trying several ways to make the hole I finally ended up cutting it with my die grinder with a 3" cutting wheel. To contain the oil I got a canning funnel (has high sides and a wide mouth) to direct the oil unto the catch pan.

I was real proud of myself - didn't spill a drop ---- until I kicked the dirty oil can. Oh well! Murphy lives at my house.

Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.


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The fuse box is on the left side of the driver behind you. you can figure out which fuse is bad with a test light touching the end of the fuse with out pulling them out. there is metal exposed on each side of the fuse.

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Hi Flatbed,

Thanks for the information. Just to keep everything exciting Joyner put the fuse box on my Trooper right behind the passenger seat. I did discover which fuse was blown but would like to know what color wire and were it's located in the instrument panel. I know is goes somewhere through the dash because it's tied in with the ignition switch when starting.

Reading the manual is a real challange.

Thanks again for the input. It is appreciated.


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I doubt the wire goes to the panel, maybe to the relay box which is controlled by the computer. Open up http://www.utvboard.com/post-a88-.html and save your self a copy, it's an electrical wiring diagram.

For your oil, I suggest http://www.quickoildrainvalve.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=210, take a look at Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers, usually the 3rd topic under troopers and you should change the oil in your differentials also. At least open the fill plug and dip the oil to see what it looks like. Mine was silvery the first time I did mine. one bottle does both diffs.2093207660104110397PpxreP_th.jpg

It probably wasn't your fault that the dirty oil got spilled, it was one of those garage gremlins that hide tools, move parts and pushes things of your bench all the time.


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Thank you Kinarfi,

I downloaded the schematic and now all I have to do is learn Chinese - ah sow!

Your idea is a good one. Putting a petcock on the oil drain should be quite safe from harm considering where it's buried.

I will definitely look into that.

Geez, you have a gremlin at your place too. He sure has a lot of relatives.

You folks on this board are awesome. It's good to be a part of it.

Enjoy your evening!


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Every time my Trooper broke this winter I would wash it before taking it to my dealer. He got tired of replacing fuses from the frozen fan so he hooked me up with a breaker.

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