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Intimidator Classic EV Battery Wiring Photos

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    • By TapBoss
      So I'm out a deer camp and ran the sxs for 2 days.  The next morning, fired it up and headed out.  Made it about 50 yds then bogged down and died.   Restarted twice and only moved a few feet then would not restart.  Took the truck out for the day to hunt and when I got back I could hear the fuel pump kick on when the key was turned but it would still not start.  Added stabilizer to the fuel and put the trickle charger on it and tried again the next day, still the same - pump coming on and turning over but no start.  Other than spark plug, air filter or injector clog any ideas?  Out in the middle of nowhere so limited on resources.
    • By rsar
      Just got quoted $770 for my Mule's first 50 hour service. Is it just me, or does this seem insanely excessive? I was expecting something in the $350 to $500 range and thinking that even $500 would be a little high. Is dealer service really necessary at 50 hours? At this price I think I'd like to shop around for a mechanic that could do it for half the price. I don't really have the option of shoping around for a cheaper Kawasaki dealer, as there is just this one dealer a reasonable distance away (30 min). The next closest olne is 3 hours away.
    • By Nypto
      Moved to the Big Bend area. Too many people where I came from...just got moved out, too much traffic, noises, smells, and crime. Civilization pushed me out. 
      Went to Vietnam in  1968. After 3 months, caught a round in my left knee. Laying in a med cot, a mortar hit near me , messed up the rest of me. All in one day. Those little people tried to kill me??? Sure glad when I went back to the states
      Went back to school, got a job with Dresser Atlas, a wireline service. As a Formation test engineer, I took samples from zones downhole.
      My Military  injuries got the best of me in '85. I had both shoulders replaced, my knee replaced, of course, and plates and screws in my lower back. 
      Several pieces of shrapnel removed from my gut.
      But....I'm here. I purchased a Hisun Sector 750 to use as my legs out here in the desert.  I Bought 160 acres but because of my injuries I have only had the use of the area where I am building a home.
      The Hisun allows me to go to areas that I thought were out of reach.
      My nearest neighbor is 2 1/2 miles away.
      My hobbies are , hunting for indian artifacts, Fossil hunting, and shooting guns. As you can guess, I don't hunt live things anymore.
      This Hisun allows me to do all of the things I thought were lost to me.
    • By Woody
      Thanks for the add. Renli 1500
      with VW 20V 1.8 turbo engine.
      bought it like this, ton of fun to drive. Crazy fast!
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    • By cliffyk
      Hello all,
      While "surfing" at Amazon I stumbled across this Wireless Winch Remote Control for $17.

      It comes with absolutely NO documentation, but fortunately I was able to garner what I needed from scouring the web and examining the wired pendant controller that came with the "Thing" (what SWMBO calls my Outfitter 400).
      Once installed I found it performed just as claimed and in fact better--my testing found the remotes to have  a solid 120 + ft range--though I cannot for the life of me envision a situation where I'd want to run the winch from 100 feet away?  The control module is fully potted and waterproof, the remotes are well made and as sturdy as they need to be,  HIGHLY recommended!
      If anyone is interested I can post photos and a wiring diagram...
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