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2020 Coleman UT400 basket case - need CVT cover

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Enjoying getting a 2020 Coleman HS400 UTV-5 basket case put back together.

Finally got to start the engine tonight and let it warm up.

Have been able to find most of the missing pieces on ebay, motorcycle doctor, etc., but now I am looking for a cvt clutch cover.

It appears to be the same as HISUN, MASSIMO, Bennche, and some others but can't put my finger on one yet.

coleman power sports shows it on their site so I ordered it and got an order confirmation but haven't heard boo since and can't get a response to my inquires.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Alex changed the title to 2020 Coleman UT400 basket case - need CVT cover


Thanks for the quick response!

I have been using parts diagrams from the Coleman Powersports site for the UT400. So far everything is checking out. This is the link:  https://www.colemanpowersportsusa.com/parts/utvsidebysideparts/Outfitter400UT400


# 19  CVT Clutch Cover (/11420-003-0000)  P0030001152A0000  for $64.99

#27 CLUTCH COVER GASKET P003000115230000  for $2.99


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I should also mention that I have placed an order for these 2 items (#19 & #27) but cannot seem to get any confirmation that my order is in process?

Maybe I just need to be more patient but this buggy is going to be road worthy by this coming weekend (July 23)!

I am not comfortable taking it into the dusty woods without this cover?

Otherwise it does appear like it will operate fine without it?

Thanks again!



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Punch in the parts numbers (the ones that end in 000) It shows the cover as $82.15.

The cover is vented to it will let dust thru. It is mainly to keep mud/water from splashing on it, and stuff from getting stuck in it. These things are adapted from ATV's and the engine/driveline setups are the same. On an atv your foot/pants would risk getting sucked up in the belt. I think you should be ok driving around with the cover off as long as you don't drive thru any big puddles or over a bumch of loose brush.

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