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installed winch or 2 ton come along?

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Not sure how often might need winch having tough time justifying installed winch vs using a good 2 ton Maasdam and chains. Any advice on chain size/length? honda 700-4 so figure on 1,500 lbs. guessing if i get stuck there would be an adequate tree with in 10-15 feet

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I would rather have the winch. Pulling anything with a come always sketchy, and you're right there if something breaks. There are so many cheap winch options on the market today, that are more than adequate for occasional use.

Either way I would go with webbing straps over chains. You need at least a strap to keep from damaging the tree.

Rigging SWL should match or exceed the winch/come along rating. So a 4000 lb come along should have 4000 swl chain/strap. That would be something like 5/16" or larger in chain. All shackles, hooks, etc should have a similar or greater SWL.

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thanks, this is good looking stuff. Just thinking but i want to try the come along option as i can use the come along for other applications as opposed to an attached winch. My guess the heavy duty straps might be better for come along without stretch

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On 8/1/2022 at 10:28 AM, snook540 said:

thanks, this is good looking stuff. Just thinking but i want to try the come along option as i can use the come along for other applications as opposed to an attached winch. My guess the heavy duty straps might be better for come along without stretch

I know this is an old thread...but OK, good luck!  I have used my $250.00, 4000lb winch numerous times out on the trail and EVERY time I plow my drive way.   I would install a winch, period.  And the winch has been installed since 2014, no issues other than a new rope and I use a strap on the winch in winter for the snow plow.

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