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bad ecm

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Has anyone had bad ecm. I think I do because my fan runs all the time and it leans out and doesn't respond to O2 signal quickly. I replaced the O2 not the issue I have a afr gauge on it and it goes lean but the computer doesn't respond. I can drive part throttle and the engine dies and comes back back and forth fuel pressure and ignition are good. Anyone have a issue like this or have any input?

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Trace all your wiring from O2 switch all the way back to the ECM. Look for rubs that could cause shorts in your 02 harness.

We had a similar problem with our T4 and the wire was rubbing on the starter and all of our wires had melted together in the 4 wire harness.

Also the dealer let us pull our ECM and he put it in a new trooper just to make sure it was not a ECM problem. Good Luck.


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