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  1. EDIT: Nevermind mine was made by MTD.
  2. IF my Cub Cadet was made by Hisun I can tell you I have had to use mine to tow my wife's Polaris Ranger xp back from the woods on at least 3 occasions in the last 5 years.. Mine has been bullet proof with teenagers thrashing the hell out of it.
  3. Robynn did you change your cable? I just had to replace a fuel pump, filter and regulator... found a websight to order parts just google parts OPengines had the best prices for what i needed. but still not the cheapest.. Nath
  4. Hello Robynn, I too have a 2012 volunteer and it may not be fast but these things are stout!! I have had to tow my wifes polaris many times when it breaks down. lol and I am sure I will have to many times more. I hope you love yours as much as I do mine.. Nath

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