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  1. nybuckboy

    Lights for 2510 Mule

    I can see about like a car with these and cab has he solid doors as well. Even has a heater although it won't get you very hot.
  2. nybuckboy

    Lights for 2510 Mule

    Man you need some tires...OMG!!
  3. nybuckboy

    Lights for 2510 Mule

    JC Whitney. $40 pr
  4. nybuckboy

    Lights for 2510 Mule

    I have upgraded and will show pics soon.
  5. nybuckboy

    Lights for 2510 Mule

    Anyone know how I can upgrade the lights on my 99 2510 Mule ?
  6. Does anyone know the oil change fluid amount and filter number for 1999 Kawasaki KAF620C5 Mule 2500 ?
  7. nybuckboy

    Idles high when trying to shift 99 2510

    OK adjusted the idle screw down about a half turn and perfect. Duh!!!!
  8. I just bought a 1999 Mule 2510 with 4XX hours on it with a twin 650. Runs well but I have to hold the brake and stomp the throttle to get it to idle down so I can shift into F or R w/o grinding. When it idles down it shift fine. Thoughts?