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Lights for 2510 Mule


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On 9/1/2017 at 8:15 PM, nybuckboy said:

Anyone know how I can upgrade the lights on my 99 2510 Mule ?

If you're thinking of adding more power to the existing headlights, you're likely out of luck, without extensive modification. But I'm no expert.

  I'd recommend a light bar. They've got some really nice aftermarket stuff out there. They come in all sizes and shapes. Installation is usually plug n play.

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At 120w of power consumption, it'd have to be used only while the engine is running. Just for comparison, my mule 3010 has 50w stock lights, and they don't perform well either. That thing would pull the battery down in just a couple minutes, possibly leaving you stranded. I'd suggest splitting up the task, if you want heavy duty lighting. So you've got to figure out exactly what you want to accomplish. Are you just lighting the trail in front? To the side also? To the rear? Are you lighting the cargo area also? A work area light? 

    You'll need a heavy duty rocker switch panel, and several smaller lights, or bars. I'd run em through an additional fuse box. I'd also suggest upgrading the alternator, if it has one. And maybe adding a back up battery.

    This way you can turn on only what's needed. The  job would be cleaner from a maintenance/trouble shooting aspect. And the effect would have a much better cool factor, IMHO. 

   Upgrades like this can be expensive. The easy solution is to just get a couple of forward firing led lights. Our Toyota forklifts at work, have what you need. Check out the newer models of these locally, or on the web. They aren't powerful enough to replace the stock lights, but to supplement the total.

I can also tell you that the color of light is important, to actually recognize what you're seeing. Led lighting CAN do it. But the technology has barely made it to the flashlight market. Extremely white light gives a washed out appearance to stuff. You want a more yellow light. It's a huge difference, but you have to see it firsthand to appreciate it.

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47 minutes ago, kenfain said:

Not to mention the skeeters

Oh yeah!! Lately the county has been flying the C130 Spraying. So in 60 years I'll have some form of cancer or disease that i can make money off of by suing them! Lol :) 

Last winter, we bought a little 5x5 greenhouse to keep our plants in, in the day time, it would get in the upper 90's in the green house, but the humidity was soo thick, U cant breath!

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    • By Irons
      Hopefully this helps somebody because I couldn't find any info on this runaway condition.

      Drove 1/2 mile to the gas station and when I started up to leave the starter stuck on. Turn key off starter is still running~! Limp it home wondering what the heck to do, get it in the garage and pull the negative battery terminal to get it to stop. Whew, WTF?

      Calm down and start checking things, starter is hot of course but nothing is smoking and nothing smells burnt. Pull battery cover off and start checking wires from battery to relay and relay to the starter. OK good nothing is hot, nothing is crispy and nothing is melted. Probably smoked the starter though. If this had happened to my wife and I wasn't around the machine would have run until the battery died and probably melted down/burned.

      I'll get to the point to save you folks some time and trouble. Because this is a kymco machine you need 2 different Kawasaki parts to make this repair, and information is scarce to say the least. The switch and a sub harness to connect it to the machine's plug.

      Everything works now, but the starter sounds horrible so I'll be changing that too before spring.

      Good luck out there and hopefully this is just a freak occurrence, but if I were you I'd get rid of this kymco part and put the Kawasaki replacement in now.

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      Hi folks,
      I have a Mule 550 (FE290D engine) that sat for several years and would not start.  A few years ago I replaced the fuel filter and carburetor, at which point it started right up and developed full power.  More recently, I've changed the air filter, fuel pump, ignition coil (gapped to spec), and spark plug, and adjusted the valves.  The engine still has a lope/surge at part throttle and at idle.  Rather than idling at a stable speed, it speeds up and slows down until it quits.  It snaps to life right away if I open the throttle, so I don't think it's starved of fuel.  I can always get it to restart immediately if I choke it while cranking, then it will die after several seconds again.  It takes some cranking to start hot when not choked.  I've tried adjusting the idle mixture, but no setting seems to make it stable.  It won't idle at all with the throttle fully closed; I have to turn the stop screw to hold it slightly open.
      I suspect it's getting idle air, since the passages are open, but that the idle jet isn't providing adequate fuel, such that I am having to hold the throttle open and idle it off the main jet which isn't stable.  This is just speculation.  I've cleaned the idle jet and tried a larger size, but it made zero difference.  The carburetor seems to be clean.  It's been doing this since I installed the new carb.  The gas tank seems to be clean, although it's hard to see inside.
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