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  1. shawnry


  2. Thanks guys! That's a lot of info. My friend is selling a used Provantage 4000 with synthetic rope. I will check it tomorrow.
  3. Hey guys, what winch would you recommend for my Honda Pioneer? And what size? I'm thinking that a 3000 lb rating is good enough. Warn provantage is a popular choice though pricey. How about a Smittybilt winch? What do you think about their ATV winch?
  4. Getting a battery tender sounds like a good investment. Besides, it is not expensive.
  5. Just want to add cannonpower and countrycat.
  6. I think you will be good with the 28's.
  7. Check out also the Honda Pioneer 700.
  8. Nice bug! It looks aggressive. Any other mods you did?
  9. I use a Garmin nuvi 500. It doesn't have many features though but it hasn't let me down yet.
  10. The LED light bar is worth considering. Just be sure that they have Cree LEDs.
  11. Hello there, My name is Shawn and I own a '14 Pioneer 700. Nice to be part of this community.

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