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  1. Yea you are right and I did change the comment I was just frustrated after getting off my shift at my new job that I just started and dislike very much. I miss working there especially when I know so much about the product but its hard when even I called and called and emailed so many times but I do not get any response ever. It was angry typing but I know this company will do good and I hope it does I just would love to work for it once again.
  2. Hey Guys, My names Alex and I actually worked for Team Joyner till we shut down. If you are needing any parts, no limits bought a nice inventory of parts before closing. They basically bought all of the Differential parts available for the vehicles so if you need one for the front, I am sure they still have them. Also, a company out of Indianapolis I believe is working a deal with purchasing parts from the factory and they will be opening a warehouse in Phoenix or Mesa Arizona from what I am being told. Even though if you run out of parts, people are trying to get them.
  3. Hey Rick, How much are those upgraded stage 1 and stage 2 clutches costing? Theres plenty of people that look for those things but nobody can ever figure out what clutches they use. I have heard that the clutches are actually similar to that of a Geo Metro but not positive on that.

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