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  2. After rereading his post; I don't either. Did not see no light comment
  3. Had to read the post again; didn't see lights n/w. Sorry! With no power; switch; fuses good; could be a bad ground Evidently I'm the only one who has seen a open solenoid; O'Rileys sold me three of them; all were NIB.
  4. See if you have 12V at the starter when you hit the key. If not; guessing the selonoid. Yes;tap on starter with a hammer. Also make sure you are neutral everywhere.
  5. When I bought Kawasaki Dirt bikes (100's); the dealer told me to use Castrol 10W30 only (with filter). According to him anything that runs high RPM's needs a quality oil like Castrol. He said that most other oils had a paraffin base; and Castrol did not Not knowing; I followed his advice. Now everything I have uses the Castrol. O'Riley runs it on sale always; and I use their Microgard Filter. The specs are the same as Wix. A 5 quart oil change and two filters does Mule and the Cub Cadet
  6. I started off with the Kawasaki 100 dirt bikes; had a ball with them. Went to their 4wheelers (250); ; grandkids did them in but it took 11years. Wanted something to haul stuff around. Kawa was $700 cheaper and came with a 3 year warranty. Tome it was simple Math.

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