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  1. I live in SW Florida lots of nasty black sand when its wet. Not a big fan of the TRex, own a polaris RZR, most of the people I run with have RZR or Ranger, the 'Ranger has dump box which is great for coolers and such, that's what I would recommend little more money but more bang for the buck.
  2. So my power steering went out in my 2016 RZR 900s, any suggestions on a better unit instead of the OEM from polaris?
  3. I got it taken care of turns out to only be fouled plugs.
  4. My RZR won't start it has plenty of spark, any ideas?
  5. Brian Conley

    Brian Conley

  6. 2016 Polaris RZR 900s A-arms with ball joints and power steering rods These are OEM Arms like new, I installed a complete new lift kit and don't need extra parts laying around.

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