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  1. I had problem with fan running, it was water in a connection. Fixed under warranty so I don’t know which connector
  2. Has anyone modified the hand brake? Very awkward to use.
  3. May just be a bad batch of gas since you last fueled up . Try some gas line antifreeze to eliminate the moisture. It’s a cheap fix and it won’t harm anything
  4. Moosehunter


  5. As soon as the weather clears up i’ll Check
  6. I have the Sector 750. I guess my problem is I don’t know which wires lead to this switch? I pulled the switch and it’s fully wired into the wiring harness but where it leads to I havn’t figured out. There is one plug dangling under the plastic near the fuse box with a double wire going to it..
  7. Anyone know how to wire a led light bar to the accessory switch?
  8. Press the brake peddle harder . It’s linked to the gear shift.
  9. Anyone doing a mod on the parking brake? It’s very awkward to press if you have long legs . 2019 Hisun sector 750

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