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  1. Sorry to bump such an old topic. My Massimo Buck 400 is very similar in dimension to the Mule. They make a cover just for towing, because all of their vehicles come with a roof and windshield. Might be worth looking into their product. I think it's about an $80 product.
  2. The Buck 400 takes a 19mm wrench. To answer my own question, the stock conical lugs did well seating a set of ITP steel rims. I'll throw up some pics later.
  3. Does anyone know what size lug nuts we have? I do not have a tire iron to fit it, so I'm going to have to buy one. Also, has anyone switched to steel rims? I'm wondering if the factory lugs will seat down correctly on a set of ITP steel wheels. I am swapping between street and off road tires for seasonal use.
  4. My wife drove our Buck 400 around the neighborhood with the parking brake fully engaged, complained of rubber smell, completely burned it up. Now if it's engaged at all, metal on metal sound. Definitely a possibility.
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  6. Does your vehicle have a low range? Before buying my Buck 400, I made sure I had a UTV that had a low range to tackle hills. I saw a video of older Massimo that didn't have a low range, and it couldn't tackle the slightest hills in the woods. The ratio between the Low and Hi range is 2.22:1, so there is a big difference between having a low range and not having one.

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