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Hauling a 2015 Kawasaki Mule

Scott Meszaros

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good morning, new to this site...got a question......i have a 2015 kaw mule with the soft top enclosure........doors with zipper windows, plastic windshield.........i want to tow the thing on a trailer up to our cabin, about 340 miles of mostly interstate driving......the instructions for the top say "remove for towing or use enclosed trailer"..........removing would be a pain, and i don't have an enclosed trailer..............anyone have another solution?.........how much will it screw it up if i tow as is?.....should i put a plastic tarp over the thing and secure the tarp to the trailer?......any suggestions would be helpful.....thank you in advance

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Doing it with a tarp like you said sounds like a good idea.

I'm not sure of the durability of enclosures for 50+ mph for 300 miles.

You could tarp it, and use a ratchet strap to secure it around the Mule.

If it's easy, I would remove the windshield, cause if one rock gets kicked up by another vehicle, you'll have a hard time seeing out of it.

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Welcome to the forum!

Maybe reinforce the windshield by putting some scrap plywood, or a scrap shipping pallet over it, to break the wind load on the plexiglass. Then a tarp overall. Wouldn't really worry about the soft top. As long as the windshield is in place, the pressure is all where it needs to be. On the outside pushing in. Lose that windshield, it's a blowout.

Mind the speed, and you should be okay. Of course you'll want to stop frequently to check your load. Till you see for sure how its gonna ride. 



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I've seen a few plastic hoods on the side of the road, having been blown off. There's not much holding them on, and sometimes they weren't designed to go sixty, seventy miles per hour. So they can blow off when trailering.

Just something else to be aware of. And to verify if your machine has a substantial hold down mechanism. 

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