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  1. I have bought 2 different wrenches for oil filter on my 2014 mule, and still cant find one the does not slip on the oem filter. What do you use?
  2. What oil is best for my 610?  I use 10/40 in truck but I see on e-bay they want me to use 5/50 ???  any help?

    1. Travis


      10W40 is the best as it covers the widest variety of heat range.

      i usually use 10W40 or 15w50 as it's good from just below 32 degrees to around 115 degrees outside temp. 5W50 is for VERY cold climates.

      i also use Kawasaki K-Tech oil which has a Zinc additive in it for the Camshaft. Modern auto oils do not. You could also use regular auto oil with a ZDDP additive.


  3. i have tried after market and OEM , and both only lasted for about 30 mins. And my stator checks ok too. The guy helping me did a continuity check from the stator plug to the plug that plugs into the regulator and both those wires were fine and the other two wires goes from regulator plug to the battery. All wires are good.
  4. UPDATE, the new regulator worked well about 30 mins then not charging again, i had help making sure the stator was working and wires were all good, SO something must be shorting the regulators out since this is my second one. Anyone know what to check????
  5. UPDATE.... Well after this sites help and two different Regulators because the first one was D.O,A. the second one made it charge. I did find out that 610 Mule must use regulator part # 21066-0039 ONLY. My unit only uses 4 of the 5 pins in the connector going to the regulator. The middle pin has no wires to it. THANKS,.
  6. I had a guy come over and help as I don't know much about digital meters. My stator seems to be doing ok. Did a wire test from stator plug all the way to the regulator and then to battery. No broken wires. So it seems to be that I received a bad DOA regulator that I had ordered in so I will send it back and reorder then see
  7. Cant remember but i think it said 20 something at idle and 65+ when rev
  8. Battery 2 months old. Update is my stator is working. I tested it on AC mode and it does good AC voltage. Now I have to see why not charging still even after a new regulator. So I will try to test it at the plug as shown in the vid you posted.
  9. May need some help on testing charging system

    1. Travis


      Best and easiest way is to get a Volt meter, set it to DC 20V

      Hook + to + and - to - on the battery, with the Mule running, you should get at least 13 volts. If it doesnt show 13 volts or more, it's time to check the voltage regulator,,I'm not sure if the procedure for that but I will look up some stuff.

  10. Mule still not charging after replacing a new regulator. Need to figure out how to test the alternator at the plug on top of the motor. Any easy way to check it?
  11. I will try that when I get a chance and post what happened, it may be a week or so, working out of town next week
  12. Oh ya, had tank off and replaced all the fuel lines when I replaced the carb
  13. Fixed the cap.. Vents now, but still won't idle long. Still looking for something wrong
  14. Thanks for the info . Ill try that

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