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  1. I got my hisun 550 back, royal king had it for a month. Replaced drive shaft sleeve and rear drive shaft connecting seat. Which mine had a spring behind the nut and washer that screwed to the pinion gear. I called hisun and asked them about that compression spring in there and they told the mechanic to put it back in. So I got it home and called the motorcycle doctor and he told me there was not supposed to be a spring in there. The mechanic at Royal King told me he put it back in, so I took it all apart and the spring was not in there after he told me he put it in. Could of saved me 4 hours
  2. After talking it apart and looking at the diagram the factory had a compression spring inside my rear drive shaft connecting seat, which is number 10 on diagram. Should of been just a flat washer with a lock washer then nut. Mine was nut flat washer and compression spring. The only compression spring used is supposed to be up front number 45. But part 10 and 6 is on its way. Picture of diagram and parts destroyed.
  3. Who sells hisun parts besides the picture I have up. They have what i need if I decide to order them. It will be two weeks wedsday that royal king has had my utv and parts aren't ordered yet. It's under warranty and parts will be free but I hate waiting, and I know if I take it back and do it my self the warranty will be over. But looking for another web site I can look up parts besides this one.
  4. I think the problem would be getting the right gear ratio to match up with the front differential.
  5. Have you cleaned out your exhaust, don't know much about them, but I get the feeling I'm going to learn alot about the hisun sence I bought one. I do know there isn't much information out there about working on them. Someone else might join in and know something.
  6. Great I hope it was just defective parts. There's no alignment on it, the differential fits in a welded framed box that long bolts go threw differential to hold it in place, the motor sets on motor mounts so there's no adjustment on it. Rear drive shaft is only about 10 inches long. So if it's misaligned it was made that way. I will have to ask hisun what caused it. And see what they say.
  7. I take a easy with my utv, use it to just feed deer but do use it every day on gravel road and dirt road going back and forth to my property. Just wondering if something is out of line or something to chew the gears up in 160 hours on utv. Guess I will see how long the new ones last. Didn't know anything about utv's when I bought it. The man at royal king said they have sold alot of them and no one has had any problems with them so I took the man at his word. I'll see how it goes maybe I just got one with soft metal.
  8. Went in today while hisun was being worked on. The drive shaft sleeve A was striped out along with the rear drive shaft connecting seat. Here's pictures.
  9. I got it at royal king right now, that's where I bought it. They got to call hisun then hisun will have to send part to them. I don't drive it hard at all, hard to believe the boss would go out that easy. But I did drive it every day to feed deer. Had it sence March and put 160 hours on it and 2600 miles. It's still under warranty I just hope I can get around 5000 hours out of it. Sounds like I will be working on it in the future. I'm on a fixed income and it's all I could afford and will take 7 years to pay for it.
  10. After seeing all the bad post about the hisun, I think I might need to call my lawyer. Here in Ohio we have a lemon law on utv's where you can get your money back.
  11. I bought the sector hisun 550 for feeding deer, haven't had it a year yet and yesterday driving it I heard a bad noise. Took it back where I bought it and they said it sounds like the rear differential went out of it. Has anyone had any problem like this with there new hisun. I do have about 160 hours on it and 2600 miles. All easy driving miles.

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