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  1. bartelso1975


  2. i went through the same thing. got it home and the drivers seat buckle was defected. 70 mile round trip to get a new one.
  3. atv's and more messaged me this morning parts are in for my mule
  4. thanks for the info - I will let you know if we get our mule - happy easter
  5. My dealer (Illinois) recieved three kits today. Unfortunately, I am number seven in line to get one. At least things are finally starting to happen. where at in illnois is your dealer- my dealer is in salem illinois hohlzauers is that steering recall parts- did the dealership tell you that? dang I would think atv's and more would get some soon. keep me updated and thanks
  6. where at in illnois is your dealer- my dealer is in salem illinois
  7. i have a 12' trailer and it will fit- waiting on mule since jan 2
  8. my dealer told me yesterday hopefully end of next week in illinois
  9. good for you and thanks for your service to our country
  10. i have had mine paid for since jan 2. kawasaki is probably holding back date so they do not lose anymore sales. my dealer finally emailed me today with info i recieved off of furoms etc. 2 weeks ago
  11. to me somebody at kawasaki has to know the status of these parts. i get it but somebody has to know

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