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  1. Anybody got a used alternator kit for the 3010 gas for sale?
  2. The alternator doesn't replace the stator because the stator also provides the timed ignition voltage to the coil, which then fires the spark plugs (it has two sets of windings). The stock stator, according to my information, provides about 15 amps of electrical power for lighting and accessories. The optional alternator can provide up to 50 more amps. Finding the kit is like finding hens teeth though. 🤣
  3. Thanks for the suggestions Ken. Problem is, finding the correct brackets, pulleys, and wiring harness.
  4. Russ Knight

    Russ Knight

  5. I have two full size Optimas on board. The stator will keep up until you crank the bass up. I'll eventually piece everything together.
  6. I have a Mule 3010 with a 2" lift installed. It has altered the camber and the tires wear unevenly now. Anybody make adjustable a-arms for the 3010?
  7. I have a Honda Pioneer 1000 that I converted to LED. They are super bright. Direct replacement. LED Bulbs
  8. The Egay link seems to be broken. I wonder what the difference is? Brackets? Here's why I need an alternator. Mule Stereo Video.MOV
  9. Hello everyone, I have a 2005 3010 Mule and would like to add an alternator, but of course it is no longer available. Will any of the later model 4010 alternators / brackets / belt fit?
  10. Does this qualify as an off road toy?
  11. Hello everyone, I have a 2005 3010 Mule 4X4 and a Honda Pioneer 1000. I have electrical questions about my Mule. Thanks in advance.

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