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  1. CliffyK, I will not say a word. I live north of defuniak springs., Fl Walton County. I was planning to get a bill of sale from my friend in WV for a wrecked unit. I am at my Dad property and I am buying a 2009 from a friend It is a 2009 Sunl 700 - Yahama Rhino clone. Made by Hisun I was going to modify the throttle so it can only go so fast. Since it is from out of state no title avalible, it should not be an issue, i hope. I live 1 mile for the AL FL border in farm county. Thanks Sam
  2. When did you do that i guess the law changed last year addaed as manufactured , unless you build one ?? So you can drive it on roads with double line with 35 mph or less correct
  3. Did you show them the title or did they ask for it.
  4. Can you tell me how you got a Florida LSV when the law says max speed 20 or 25
  5. Great Infromation. Thanks .Can some confirm that , I am buying one title says Sunl - that the 2009 Sunl 700 was buit by Hisun and it is a 95% Yahama 2009 Rhino 700 clone. Friend is sells it to me the issue is timing chain adjustor off for second time. I see this adjustor / cam timing chain can be and issue. I see there is a manual chain adjustor one after market. Any and all info on this issue thank you. , he purchased a new on at Tractor supply. Thanks Sam

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