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  1. G-Pa


  2. I got it from e bay. Originaly for John Deere gator. My son modified mounts. No pictures yet. G-PA
  3. It was Silverbullet. I finnally found the post.I'm putting Chevy truck 220 amp alt. with two batteries.I added a linear accuator on rear cage due to medical reasons. G-PA
  4. There is one manual leveron ebay.Maybe person has more. G-PA
  5. Sounds like things are working out for you. Good luck. P=Pa
  6. Thought at one time I saw how to wire GM one wire altenator on T2. Can not seem to find it now. Can any one help? Thanks in advance. G-Pa
  7. I read the forum every day and and as I'm retired some times more than once When I said pictures, I was refuring to the new t2. My build is a slow one due my health. DO have uneased turbo with intercooler and pipe from ebay my son designed. Power steering,heater.Wheels are ITP 7T with beadlocks.Tire are interco trxus-sts 29x11x14. Stock tires were tearing up the driveway. 2 fire extinguisure bracets,1 for extinguisre,1 for my portable oxygen tank. Would I behijacking if I put my son's web page to show what he does when not at his 9-5 job? I have more accessories to go. try to do pictures when
  8. I'm with Jarrad. He knows me as Warren not G-Pa.My Trooper 2 is still under the wrenches,due to my health. My son is my mechanic and the T2 is an in between from his regular job and his projects. My Troper was purchashed from No Limits last year about the time Joyner America folded. Add ons were all handed with Jarrad. Have to give him a "good "ATTA BOY" for his help. Good luck with the project. Before and after pics would be nice.
  9. I have a new Joyner T2 roof rack for sale, $100.00 plus shipping cost.
  10. I have a new T2 roof rack for sale. $100.00 plus accual shipping.

  11. Just found this web site a couple of days ago. www.JMCmotors.us G-PA

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