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  1. First of all indeed, make sure you know what you want to do with the unit. Pick one that fits your needs! There are several UTV manufacturers out there and depending on what you are going to do with your Side X Side make your choice. Second, find a dealer that has good customer service. If you don't get the help during the sales process you probably going to be SOL after the sale. If anywhere possible, TEST DRIVE THE UNIT before purchasing!
  2. David I have been around Qlink products for 3 years now and have been totally impressed with the quality and service. Keep the post and pictures coming. I look forward to seeing what might develop.

  3. Thank you very much for your welcome. I will indeed keep the 'spam' low and will participate in any threads or questions I can find about Qlink. We did a ride day the other day with our units and got them wet and dirty! I'll post some pics here soon.
  4. Though the same product our QLink units are set up by dealers. A good PDI with parts readily available helps preventing 'setup hickups' as you experienced yourself. Call us in Grapevine if you have any questions!
  5. nah, we are still here and we have added a boatload of dealers in the North East last year. I am almost up to 70 dealers and most of them carry Rhino's, Can-Am etc. If you have any questions contact me please!
  6. Hey all, I found your forum after googling UTV forum. My name is David Laugs and I am regional sales rep for Qlink Motors one of the distributors for the Hisun products. I know I probably gonna get a lot of slack here for even daring to post, but my purpose of being here and introducing myself is to help riders with any kind of questions they have. In my 7 years in the powersports industry I realise that there is only one group of people that makes a company succesfull, and that is our consumers out there. Qlink has been around since 1988 and we have been distributing product here in the US

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