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UTV for tall guys?


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I've been looking for an UTV for a farm.  I have a problem with the ones I've seen (Polaris and Honda) in that my inseam is 37 inches and it's going to get quite painful for me given the terrain.  

Yesterday I looked at a Polaris North Star.  I'm not going to pay $40,000 for a farm utility vehicle, but the salesman said that's about the largest they make.  It's still too cramped and, again, would ultimately become too painful to drive.  



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The Kawasaki Mule FXR, all of the single row seating Side by Sides of all makes have a bit more legroom, I am only 6'5" with a big belly, as in 300+ lbs and my TransMule 4010 barely has enough room.  Part of the trade off is the bigger the cabin the smaller the bed.

The Kobta single bench seat is a beast, pricey, and the diesel is a bigger beast and more pricey.  But heck, everything is ridiculously expensive these days.


Good luck, I bought my first Mule in 1998, wrecked it in 2011, and the replacement is better still.  Fuel injection and power steering is great for a 75 year old fat man.  I expect this one to last the rest of my life, but I must have one.  13 years is a good long time to own anything mechanical, but my tractor is 40 years old, my pickup 20.  I am not one to give up a vehicle just because it has some age to it.  I have never known a man to regret buying one.


Again, Good Luck

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