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unplugged the Fuel pump relay and plugged it in wrong and now it wont start, Coleman 550


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it was dark and i unplugged the bottom relays to help me get the bottom latch back on and plugged them back in.. When i replaced the relays, i plugged the Fuel pump relay into the bottom 2 prong connection openings. missing the top 2 openings. Now it wont Start. I corrected my mistake the next day and now it wont start. I borrowed another exact relay and plugged it into the openings for the fuel pump thinking i may have broken the relay and it didnt help either.  I ALSO may have the relays upside down. Does that matter?  IT turns over and I have spark from my spark plug. How to do check to see if you have fuel coming from the fuel pump? What could  have broken by plugging the relay in wrong? Its the 4 prong relays and you can plug them in either way, right side up or upside down.

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 you should hear the fuel pump coming on when you turn the key to the "on" position (stop before you get to start). listen for a light humming noise that should go away after 5 seconds.

i'm not sure the pinout orientation, but yes the orientation of a relay matters. there is a wiring diagram in the downloads for the 400 which should be the same as far as EFI stuff.

You can bench test the relay with a multimeter and some aligator clips and a 9v battery if you can find the pinout. 868867700_Screenshot_20220916-133508_SamsungNotes.thumb.jpg.4b55a4db70d3aba0ccbd2b974da9295f.jpgAre the f4 and f5 fuses good?

Do you hear the fuel pump running?

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1 hour ago, SkyPilot56 said:

yep fuel pump is operating as it should, new injector, coil, mass air flow sensor , new problem getting shock through spark plug line when key is turned on , but more interested in what the trouble code is that E200 , not in manual have you or anyone else have this one pop up ??

Are you the same as user "Illbethere" with two different threads going or is this on the wrong thread?

I don't see e200 in any service manuals, but 201 is an injector circuit malfunction

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No only page , thats what I am saying no E200 , dealership has to contact the MFG. in China to find out before they will even say anything , but did a compression check and bleed down test , then check top end and things didnt look right so opened up to check timing chain and the damn thing is as loose as hell and adjuster is completely extended and now I am thinking the chain just jumped out and slipped and the whole thing is 180 out so fun times ahead


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sky pilot, it would be helpful if you could post updates on your first thread instead of random threads, and starting multiple posts in different sections. when multiple people are posting issues in the same thread it gets confusing trying to track whats been done/symptoms etc. It also gives a linear timeline of whats happening instead of having to chase posts down.

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