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Put it in low, it started screaming


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I ran my Hisun sector 750 in some dry sand. I put it in reverse and backed out. I then put it into LOW. When I gave it a little  gas, the front end started screaming, like the gears hadn't engaged. Boy!! I shut it down. Put it into 4x4 and locked it down. Worked OK, no screaming.  Put it back in rear wheel drive. Drove back about 3 miles.

Everything works ok now. Scares me. Any ideas what had happened?

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Seems odd there would be noise from the front end if it was not even in 4WD yet.  Maybe going from reverse into forward low right away it did not get engaged properly.  I usually try to move forward first or keep going the same direction in those situations before changing into low.  

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I was in a canyon, where I came up on an area where I got bogged down in heavy sand. No choice but to back out of there or turn over. I was telling my wife how glad I was to exit that area. That's  when I put it into low, and caused my grief

Thinking about it, I may have not engaged into low sufficiently.  It was like two gears turning barely touching each other, making that grinding screaming noise.

I have tried to recreate the noise by swapping from 4x4 to low, but it hasn't  done it yet. 

Boy, that grinding noise must have ground down some teeth.


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