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I need a real mechanics input


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2014 uxv700i will not start, has fire, checked all sensors voltages, resistances etc,  NO codes showing. Compression 90, manual says 213,  checked valve lash,  did not make a difference

When i turn crankshaft this is what I am seeing, with inspection covers off top.   Exhaust valves open then shut, intake valves open then shut , turn it just a tad more and loud snap, click ? on exhaust valves, i can feel this.

even if timing jumped and i bring to TDC and redo valve lash i should see a correction, but this is not happening

any input greatly !!! appreciated.  

Thank you all

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Well, i got some feedback from another forum member.  

First the clank or snap in exhaust valves is a built in decompression on camshaft


Second per input from member I took off valve cover,  brought flywheel to timing mark, checked camshaft and hash marks, they did not line up horizontally,  appears that engine jumped timing.


Will reset and confirm tomorrow

thanks all


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Hi, update !!!  The person who tried to fix this before me when they pulled off flywheel and reassembled did not tighten nut on side of stator case good enough, when i pulled flywheel, the whole inside taper shaft destroyed.  new flywheel on order, no wonder i could not time.  when watching timing mark and piston , the piston was already going back down before timing mark arrived in circle, !


Ill update when i get flywheel back on and give it another try


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learned alot about that decompression on the exhaust valve also.  there is no way you will ever see the 213 psi on compression tester.  this allows pressure to escape at low rpms.  pretty neat setup when you think about it.  when started and rpms increase that little slider goes away and your back to normal compression.  every motor you dive into you learn so much about while working on them.  

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