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Dreaming of my 1st UTV for Mountain Property

Tonya Pike

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I am trying to take a crash corse in selecting the best UTV for my needs.   I recently bought a home bordering the  Chattahoochee National Forrest.    The primary use would be around the property and travel between neighboring homes.   All surrounding roads are gravel and there are several 4x4 trails in the area.   I initially was looking at electric models because of my limited mechanical skills and noise,  it seems only the Polaris is available and pricey.   I want to be practical…….but still be able to have fun and be the envy of my new neighbors with golf carts.  Help a city girl out?\

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If you're not mechanically inclined, I would look at what dealers are nearby and do a search of their service reviews.  Stick to the main manufacturers, Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-Am and Honda.  Probably not going to find much in electric models no matter where you look.  

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On 10/26/2022 at 12:54 PM, TapBoss said:

If you're not mechanically inclined, I would look at what dealers are nearby and do a search of their service reviews.  Stick to the main manufacturers, Polaris, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-Am and Honda.  Probably not going to find much in electric models no matter where you look.  

This is the truth. Follow TapBoss' advice. You get what you pay for. If you cant afford a name brand as he outlined, don't buy anything and save your dinero til you can.

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So.     I am choosing between 2 models right now.  A new single cab Polaris new equip as I want runs about 17K.   Or. A used Yamaha wolverine 4x   2021 192 hours /220 miles  20K.     I am leaning Wolverinebecause it looks so fun….  Can someone tell me how the Hours and miles stack up?……..  Is this as “low use” as it seems to me?


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      OK, here's the mystery of the day. I was using the UTV the other day and the idiot light came on that said it was overheating. I immediately shut down and checked the coolant. No coolant! I refilled the overflow reservoir and the radiator and all was fine. 2 days later the light is on again. I rechecked the radiator and it was again empty? Bone dry? Now, here's the weird part, There is no coolant anywhere on the floor below the vehicle. I can't even see any on the frame. I have it up on the lift and am getting ready to start tearing into the bottom "skid plate" to see if the leak is in the hoses there. Any suggestions as to where to start? I have yet to begin and I am already baffled!
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