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I am writing this post to give thanks to a great guy who in my opinion, went above and beyond my expectations.

The owner of Thin Air Motorsports in Elko Nevada a valued member of this Forum ,took care of a shock issue

that I had . This man did not sell me my trooper but treated me better than my local dealer has done who I had

given almost thirteen thousand dollars to . Thin Air has earned my respect and future business . Joyner does have

issues but thanks to the experience with Thin Air Motorsports I have regained confidence in their company and

in their dealer network (some of them ). I know now if I experience a problem I have someone I can call and

get straight up answers to questions without any bulls*** .I live 240 miles from Elko Nevada but will not hesitate

to make the drive if I need work performed above my capabilities. Anyone out there that is looking at a Joyner purchase that is willing to make a road trip, I have no doubt they will take of you. thanks again Tim . :)

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