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2019 Massimo UTV 500, timing chain


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Had to replace the camshaft and exhaust valve rocker arm due to abnormal wear. The cam lobe was ground nearly completely off!

Now I have a no start.IMG_20221221_121725191.thumb.jpg.ef8454bb05b6dad5d02fc9011be1bff5.jpg


The only service manual I've been able to find for this is the HS 500-700 edition. This manual shows a split head with 5 valves. Mine is 2 valves with a machined 1 piece head. The HS400 head looks the same. The problem is that neither of these give an accurate description of how to set up the timing after a cam replacement.

I watched the video that is posted on this site but that is for the split (2 piece) head. 

I have attached a picture of how I lined up the timing marks. What have I done wrong?

Timing gear, all marks to top. Crank (thru armature peep hole) is there. 3rd line, top center but it doesn't sound like I have decompression.

In fact, my go round put me at least 2, maybe 3 links off (early) and I actually thought it was going to run. I could hear the motor pop but wouldn't fire and run. After I readjusted the chain I get no indication of any fire and sounds like no decompresion. ??



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On the Flywheel make sure that you are using the correct timing mark and have it on the case timing mark then make sure that you have the camshaft aligned correctly.  Set your engine on top dead center and make sure the timing marks line up.                   

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