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2016 Mule 4010 - Overloaded Payload, now Mule won't go fast & lacks power


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Hi All- Long time reader, first time posting.  I have a 2016 Mule 4010 (model: KAF 620V).  I am having an issue since overloading the payload a couple days ago (yes I'm a dummy).  I live on a very hilly property and I was trying to move some large oak rounds for firewood splitting.  I put WAY too much wood in the bed and when I started driving, it sputtered, kicked out of gear, and then cut out.  I unloaded all the weight and started it again - appeared to be running fine when idling and/or driving on flat ground at slow speed.  But when try to go fast or uphill, the RPM's rev high and it sounds like the motor is fine, but it has ZERO speed or power at all (literally creeps uphill at like 2-3 mph and won' go faster or take any weight), and has no power at all.

Other info: 3 weeks ago I did a belt replacement.  So I was worried I perhaps screwed that up somehow. But I just opened the clutch housing to check and the belt and clutch appear to be working just fine.... sooo.....

Any ideas what I screwed up by overloading payload and immediately trying to drive uphill?  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!  



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the 4010 does not have a wet clutch.

One thing that comes to mind, i would check the rear axle splines. the hubs are splined to the axel, if those splines pullout, or strip, it could cause a low speed issue like you're having. you should be able to check this by remove the rear tires, and axle nuts.

it could also be an issue with one of the drive pulleys not fully engaging, This is the first thing i would do, remove the belt cover  and make sure the pulleys move in their full range of motion.

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Go back and check the drive belt again, it is most likely slipping.


I have pulled a tractor and pick-up out of mud, I have loaded the the bed with as much firewood, as it would hold, I have drug 24" diameter and 10' long logs.  I have driven up  inclines so steep my truck had to be put in 4x4 low.  In a1998 2010, and shredded the belt once in 2008.

I am a bit tough on equipment, and a K-Mule is the toughest vehicle I have ever owned.  And I had a WW II JEEP.

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I dont need to check in under load because the problem perists regardless now. It started because of a heavy load, but now the problem happens whenever driving, load or not.  So I'm wathcing the belt as I drive - I've got the bed tilted up and the clutch housing off, so I can look directly at it as I drive. Not slipping.  I'm totally stumped.

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