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After Market Air Filter(s)


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I just got my first T2 two weeks ago. Anyway I went to pull my filter from the airbox and there was a ton of dust in the box on the wrong side of the filter. So now I am in a panic... I live and ride in a very dusty envirnment and dont want to lose my engine over poor filtration. Does anyone have part numbers for filters other than the Joyner filter?

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I just got my first T2 two weeks ago. Anyway I went to pull my filter from the airbox and there was a ton of dust in the box on the wrong side of the filter. So now I am in a panic... I live and ride in a very dusty envirnment and dont want to lose my engine over poor filtration. Does anyone have part numbers for filters other than the Joyner filter?


here's a page for spare parts and the very best thing you can do IMHO is get rid of the air box and get the filter up into the clean air with a snorkel, quick easy method is on that page also.

2790034360104282158vxTYaV_th.jpg 2325363030104282158mutbKR_th.jpg 2950508270104282158QEPFyY_th.jpg

Oh Yea, Welcome to the forum, where we try help each other, would you mind filling out your profile for us so we can all get to know you a little better, please and thanks.


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Guest Lenny
I just got my first T2 two weeks ago. Anyway I went to pull my filter from the airbox and there was a ton of dust in the box on the wrong side of the filter. So now I am in a panic... I live and ride in a very dusty envirnment and dont want to lose my engine over poor filtration. Does anyone have part numbers for filters other than the Joyner filter?

My stock filter did the same thing, Engine seems to be all right. Bought an aftermarket filter from my dealer, oil soaked it and ran it. Still got the same dust, just not as much. Then I went to a K&N type filter I got from Auto Zone. Oil soaked it and no dust.


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If you have the new 09 filter box, the one that uses a square automotive type filter, you can replace the Joyner one w/ Fram # ca-7764. This filter has a screen on one side so that the filter cannot lift on hard acceleration and allow dirt in.


But the best option is to move the filter out from under the bed so it can breathe cooler/cleaner air. As suggested above.

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Guest Lenny

Just came back from my dealer. He was pulling an engine out of a T4. It was blowing oil and blue smoke. Wouldn't hardly run. It had gotten fine dust into the engine thru the air filter. This was the new 09 filter box. I'll try and find out what they found inside and report it. Engine pulled without the Transmission in about 2-1/2 hours. That gives you an idea of how long it will take to get at the clutch.


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First, thanks for the priceless info. After seeing the dust I took a closer look at the box. it looks like the box is deformed on the side away from the engine. If you don't pay close attention when you put the filter in there will be a gap that dust can pass through. I am going to try and reform that side wall for a better fit. I did add a snorkel to the airbox. I have run 3" flex from just under my roof and reduced down at the box. I am also thinking of modifing the box so I can get rid of the reducer and to allow more air to enter the box.

Thanks also for the part number for the filter.

Please correct me if I am wrong but isn't the air filter upside down? Shouldn't the air come in on the flange side of the filter? I would think the filter media or pleats would want to fold over under hard accelaration almost like a check valve.

Anyway thanks for the info.

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I just put an airbox off a 96 dodge caravan behind my rear window right under my spare tire. It works great so far way better than an open filter keeps the rain and mud off it and a big plus was the turbo noise is almost gone. I will try and take some pics

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Don't have an air box on mine, How about some photos? Please.

If you need help posting, PM me.

Sorry no pics yet. I tried another Joyner filter and had the same problem. I picked up an STP air filter (cross ref from the part number Anylizer gave me) and gave it a good workout. The flange is black so it made it easy to see where the dirt was comming in from. On the engine side of the box the top is connected by a tab and notch conifg in 3 spots. It sort of is on a cam type principal. This is where the dirt came in with the new filter. It was very little compared to before but any dirt is too much. I am going to grease the flange and try again. It looks like I may just make my own box it this doesn't work.

By the way I have modified the box to accept a 3" ID. tube for my snorkel. The prototype worked very well. I used 3" flexable intake tube from the make your own cold air stuff at Auto Z. I am going to a 3" ID. tube for the finished product with a foam pre-filter at the snorkel inlet. I will post pics of the finished product.

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an oiled/foam filter fitted somewhere above the deck will be the best all the way around.

also you may have to trim the inner tube in the air box to get a better fit w/ the Fram filter.


I removed the inner tube when I inlarged the inlet side of the box so there shouldnt be an issue there. Dust isnt a problem once I greased the filter flange. I am going to a K&N now that I got the box to work. I have a little something I am going to try tomorrow with the whole snorkel thing I have going on. I will update and post pics if it works :D .

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      I while back, I bought a filter kit for another sxs I had but never installed. I was going to do the snorkel thing. Anyway, while I was as cleaning the air filter for the Axis 500. I mocked up this filter kit and wanted to know if anyone could give a reason why this wouldn't work.
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      Here is the passenger side of the air box. Notice the 90° nipple on the large hose running between the air box and the throttle body.

      Here is a pic of the kit I got off Amazon.

      Here are some pics with the air box removed, PCV hose relocated, and the hose coming up into the hood area thru the tunnel that the front drive shaft uses.

      I will probably have to relocate the radiator overflow jug. I know I will probably have to use solid pipe instead of that plastic flex stuff. And will have to keep it clear of the drive shaft. The only issue I see it the air coming in thru the PVC hose is not filtered. It also could cause more suction on the crankcase and cause the sxs to use some oil. Those little square boxes on top to the throttle hose are empty. I may have to connect the PCV hose to that and add a filter in that square box.
      But other than that. Does anyone know of any reason this shouldn't work?
      Once I get it installed I can close off the holes in the engine cover that is currently uses by the air box. That will help keep noise and heat out of the cab in the summer.
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