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Off-Road Baja Tours

Off-Road Baja Tours in UTV's

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    • Hello, UTV noob from Southern California

      Hey all, I just purchased a uses UTV. Im a total noob when it comes to UTV's. I joined the blog because I bought a used 2015 Hisun Strike, but it has no manual and I can't find any info about it online, I was wondering if you guys could help me locate the manual and give me some pointers on being a UTV owner. I don't even know what version of Hisun Strike it is lol. I got it for super cheap, so I said "what the heck, might as well" and bought it. Any advice on where on the forum I can start asking questions? Thanks!

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    • New member fron New Mexico....

      Howdy all, I just picked up a 2007 Ranger XP from a neighbor of mine. It has set of custom wheels and what looks like a home made windshield and metal roof. It also has an expanded metal cab protector on the rear roll bar. I am going to cut the windshield in half, and add a winch and some bed rails.....

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    • New California Law

      I quess California has a new law that takes effect in January prohibiting the additional rear seat on any utv of 1000cc or less. They figure there were too many injuries involving these utv's where people added the rear seat in the back to make them four seaters. Originally they also had included that all passengers in utv's must be able to touch the floor board with their feet while seated with back against rear of seat but they took that part out.That is going to effect many owners from what i have seen.

      By ricksrb, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • 2012 Jamboree in California April 20th-23rd

      The real start dates for the California desert is Thanksgiving Weekend to Easter as it is normally a little too warm the rest of the year. We should be OK as when you get into the season, the number of people becomes insane on the weekends. Have played in these areas since the 60's. Some GREAT riding. Location would be http://www.glamisnorthkoa.com/ Rick, will you be our Leader for this one? We plan on doing a second site either before or after at http://www.riderplan...3/ride_562e.htm The location was selected by Goodrich as one of the best off-road trails in the USA, http://www.4x4wire.c...=1086275&page=0 We plan to do a trip to UT, ID & WY during the summer, anyone is welcome, but it will not be the Jamboree. rocmoc n AZ

      By rocmoc, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • Detbohica Mexicali Mexico Interest !!!

      Detbohica, How is the off-roading near / around you in Mexicali? What kind of off-roading do you do? Should we have an International Trooper Jamboree? Would you guide us around and locate a SAFE camping location? Would you be the Host? Would anyone else be interested except ME???? rocmoc n AZ

      By rocmoc, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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