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800sx belt squeal noise

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I have an 800SX 2021, 40 hours on it and No belt noise.  I have recently noticed some “squeaking” in the shocks and could be some mud or dust, more noticeable on cold days.  No problems otherwise, starts easy, never stalls.  The belt drive transmission does seem to jerk into gear as you first start moving, engine needs to reach a certain RPM before the gear engages and its not smooth when you first start moving — but is very smooth afterwards,,,,,it’s just sort of “snaps” into gear.  Ive heard thats a common complaint and not a mechanical issue or problem...its the only thing I don’t like about the Tracker

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Had the same squealing/chirping noise with mine. It was in the shop numerous times. The primary clutch was replaced, the secondary clutch was replaced, the belt was replaced and the problem was not resolved. Fast forward to the lasttrip to the shop and they did some sort of shimming and adjustment and it is much better. It will make noise for about the first 30 seconds then goes away for the entire time I use it. Start it the next day and same thing. I’ve decided to just live with the 30 seconds of noise every day!

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I guess I am somewhat fortunate since i have Not had any squealing on my 800 SXLE - yet.  Mine was bought New in 2021 with about 60 hours on it now.  It has not been ridden very hard but does get some mud, water and dust on it and I’ve never power washed it — just hose it off.  Others have said to power wash the under carriage — good idea but i’ve Not done that yet. 

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