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Product for notifying other riders of emergency?

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So I was just thinking if there is a product out there you could use in multiple vehicles to notify your friends of an emergency.

Ive got a couple of radios that we use to communicate while riding. Between music, engine, and/or wind noise they don’t exactly do the job unless stationary or expecting communication.

Does anyone know of any products that use a light indicator of sorts? My thought is a dash mounted device, either one light or multiple lights assigned to each vehicle, that illuminate on all vehicles when someone has an emergency.

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There are radios manufactured that include an emergency button that notifies others with the same radio of an emergency. These radios come in both a portable (walkie talkie style) and mobile (mounted) units. However, these radios are VERY expensive, like $5000.00 each. These are used in law enforcement, so I don't know how available they are for the public. There are probably other ways to do this, but I'm not a technician.

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