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Coleman outfitter 400 Bogs Down After 10 Minutes

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Looking for info on this new utv I bought and it has 38 miles on it now but the problem is after 10 minutes of driving it bogs down and I have to full throttle it to get it going I can let off the throttle and slowly get it going without bogging to much but it still does and when I give it full throttle it smells like sulfur. I'm leaning towards catalytic converter but it's still new. Any thoughts. 

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  • Alex changed the title to Coleman outfitter 400 Bogs Down After 10 Minutes

There's no cat on these things.

If I had to guess the engine temp sensor is bad and once warmed up is giving a wrong temp, causing the fuel map to not adjust.

Here's my post about how to get the diagnostic tool working for around $25 in parts. You can see what each sensor is outputting so you don't just throw parts at it. I would expect in your fase the engine temp sensor to be reading cold when the coolant is actually warm.

Get the tool going and see what it shows and post and we can help you troubleshoot further from there.

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