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We have finely finshed our Electric power steering.We have tested it for 2 months.It Works great.our T2 has Turbo with 30" tires .It mounts up to factory holes no drilling.Just wire 6 wire and your done.At this time we have to order some lower shafts.Now since we dont have a source for new ones yet.. So you need to weld lower shaft.Any shop should be able to weld it. Big tires & Lockers no problem.Works great on rocks and sand.Soon as you turn key on it starts working.It has a safety bilt in if it gets hot it shuts down.Then it goes to manual steering.When cools down it starts up.We never got it to due this.No lost power from pump no hoses to run or leak.1 year warrantee. Life time on mounting kit.


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