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Oil Changes

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Getting ready for the Jamboree and changing oils, Being lazy, I had to figure out and easy way to do it, So I pulled the vent hoses and cleaned them and then poured 1/2 quart into each diff through the vent tube. Took a while, but no mess what so ever. I split a quart diff oil between two bottles and tape them upside down to the frame and leave them over night. you do have to pull the fill plug for the air to vent and poke a hole in the bottle. Found very little metal on the magnet and the oil appeared relatively clean. Not like the silver paint from past oil changes. Also, when changing the oil filter, which always makes a mess, I found that if you place a plastic bag over it and poke a hole in the filter, and let it drain into the bag, no mess there either.


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I got the oils changed and no oil pressure, but then I didn't have a good reading before, sometimes it would just bounce hi to low and sometimes just pin on the high side. Any way, I'm pretty sure the sender is shot, so I need a new one, maybe a new gauge too. Any one have any suggestions? numbers? Prices? Been looking at the TeleFlex Morse Part # IA15001 0-80 psi, 240-33 ohm

Gauge -- TeleFlex Morse Part # 57903P 0-80 psi, 240-33 ohm as suggested by Zorro.



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