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What Size Trailer?

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Hey guys,

First post here, though I have been reading the forum for some time. I am trying to figure out what size trailer I need to carry a new Polaris Ranger. The problem is that I need to get both at the same time, so I can't buy the Ranger first and then measure the Ranger against any new trailer.

I need a trailer (because it will serve double-duty) which has a raised barrier around front and both sides. This means that when I drive the Ranger onto the trailer, the front end of the Ranger will "bump" up against the front barrier. Now the question--how long does the trailer have to be to just barely get the rear wheels of the Ranger on to the trailer if the front end of the Ranger is nestled against the front barrier? Granted the back end of the Ranger may hang out a bit, but what is the absolute smallest length trailer I could get away with? In other words, I guess I am asking for the measurement from the very front of the Ranger to the rear of the rear wheels...or probably some of you have such a trailer and know exactly how long the minimum trailer length would be. Thanks for any counsel! And any other advice you may have for a guy who hardly has a clue about what this is all going to involve!

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