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2012 Adventure / Jamboree

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In 2012, if you wish, we can hold the Joyner Adventure at our home, hopefully I will have it finished or close to it. We can get 4-6 motorhomes/camping trailer in the yard & a few on the street out front. The street is no problem as we are on the end of a dead end, just closer to our neighbor's dogs. 30 amp power in the yard & water, no sewer & could run power & water out into the street. There are also places to stay from the Resort to B&B. We would ride directly from the house but you have to purchase a $20 Arizona Off-Road Sticker with the driving on the street a small amount option. Plenty of places to ride to & no one else except the Border Patrol on the trails. I already know the trails. Time would be in Oct. after the monsoons so everything will be green & no dust with temps in the 80's. Pool & Spa to relax in, by after the rides or should you choose not to take that ride. You can go on Google Earth and type in Tubac, AZ then hit the clicky. Just draw a fairly large circle around Tubac. Riding would focus on the North half of the circle. Also golf and other activities if you want. We could also take a short day trip and drive to and the walk across the border into Mexico. This would be in regular vehicles, not the toys. You will need a passport or the new short version ID card. Safe during the daytime, we know an incredible lunch place.

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