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Trooper starter and alt. replacements!


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I recently had my starter go out. Itook it to a local starter and alternator shop, and they replaced it with a starter and solenoid out of a mitsubishi, i have not found out which model yet but it only cost me around 80$. Then last week the alt locked up... took it to the same place and although he could not fix mine, on the shelf he had a mitsu alt that was the same down. the the 3 wire plug! Once again he didnt know what model or year it came off of but there is a pattern starting to emergnd once again less then 100$... as soon as i have it in my hands i am gonna try to find numbers and research it but moral of this whole thing is look around there is a lot of these shops around and you can prolly have it fixed locally for a whole lot cheaper! Good luck and i will post new info as it comes!

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Again, I would check your local starter and alternator rebuild guys. I had my alternator bearing start making some noise as dirt just goes right into them and he just put in new bearing and checked everything else. $20 bucks and it looks good as new. He did the starter the previous week for $40 and that was completely rebuilt.

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I've found here in Panama that bringing anything in REALLY helps. They could care less of the part number. A good mechanic will likely remember something that's similar or identical to what we have. However, it would be nice to have part numbers to simply order online...

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