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post-1516-0-65386600-1336130316_thumb.jpgGot my baby "slingshot" for sale, she is a 2007 sandviper, outlaw utv's body kit, brockwell tuned engine, race prepped trans, corrected rear end geometry and race reinforced, maxxis big horns,quick diconnect steering wheel, limit strap on rear,halogen beam off-road lights, this buggy to build again including the purchase price would cost well over $8000.00

Price is $3500.00, price isn't negotiable! Building new bike powered r1 and just don't need 2 of them however don't have to sell it. Will let 8'x14' diamond cargo black enclosed trailer go with it for a extra $1500.00. Great deal to either go play or race ready. Located in alabama just below columbus ga. Can help on delivery within reason. 706-570-2145 Mike

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Do you have a build on the new one posted anywhere yet ? You building it yourself?

Good luck on the sale... Your buggy looks/ sounds killer form the vids I've seen.....

SHOWA, i haven't started putting steel down yet,still on the cad cam system at the moment and buying up parts as well! As soon as i get to putting the steel down in a "going forward to completion phase" i will do a series on the build!

Thank you very much for the compliments on "SLINGSHOT"! She is very near and dear to my heart and at some point and time things have to change, for what i'm wanting to do for racing i just can't bring myself to do to her, i would just assume let another family have her and let her bring the attention and enjoyment to them that she has brung to me and my family! If you guys will please help me find her a GREAT home where she will be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. Thanks!!!

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