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Steering shaft

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Hey guys first I apologize for spelling errors I'm writing this on my stupid smart phone. Had a ruff weekend with my trooper blew out a 30" Zilla tire and on my way home I lost my steering. Found that on the bottom side of steering shaft were it attaches to the steering box was loose. I was able to tighten the bolt and limp the t2 home. So today I pulled the steering shaft to inspect it found that the splines on the bottom of the shaft are a little rounded off not all the way threw though. The top side of shaft looks ok and the splines on the box look ok and my u joints on shaft font seem bad. So any thoughts has any one got a steering shaft??? I thought I read dome were on this forum u guys doing something to the steering shafts to make the a little stronger. Any help would be great I'm suppose to be taking the t2 to nh to go do some riding in 3 weeks. Here's my cell if anyone wants to call thanx a lot guys

Charlie 508 789 0870

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