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Mule stuff for sale?


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Baja TRAX Swamp Boss tires for sale!

I had these listed for sale on another thread that the title didn't mention anything for sale.

I have these tires and wheels that show no wear for sale:

$500 cash or best offer.

2 Front wheels and tires are Vision wheels

Baja TRAX Swamp Boss tires size 25X8X12

2 rear wheels and tires are: Vision wheels

Baja TRAX Swamp Boss tires size 25X10X12

The tires are mounted on the Vision wheels and are in my garage


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East TX. Close to Athens /Canton area. I'm interested but concerned the tires might be too large to make full turn stop to stop without rubbing something. What can you tell me?

Yes they will rub the front fenders on a stock 3010. You would need a set of H.D. springs and maybe a 2" lift kit for the front. That is why I replaced them on my 3010 with new stock wheelss and tires. I didn't waqnt to raise the height of my mule since we use it on the place on good dirt roads. I wouldn't want to deceive anyone about something I have for sale.

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Yep! I knew this about stock lift. However ,I have a 2" lift already installed. My stock tires rub my frame a little. It's been awhile since I looked under it but it seems like they touch the after market bumper I installed to house the over sized winch. So I'll have to check again, see what I'm working with. In the meanwhile, I'd still like to see more detail on those pictures.

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