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Moab Trip Report


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I met Kinarfi (Jeff) and his wife for the first time on the way to Moab. I dropped off a parking brake master cylinder and talked Troopers for about 45 min. Jeff and Linda later met me down at Moab and literally made my day because I desperately needed a pair of snap ring pliers as I layed under my trooper's rear CV shaft. I heard a vehicle pull up...and there was Jeff! They are a remarkable couple and we really had a great time with them out on the trails.

I found out at Kanes Creek (before Jeff had arrived in Moab) that I had lowered my diff about an inch too much. At full droop it was popping the retaining clip out and dislocating. Of course this happened at the very bottom of Kanes Creek and I had to ascent two difficult climbs in 3 wheel drive. I will not confirm or deny that I had to be pulled a couple of times by a RZR 4...I will note, that just before my CV pulled out my buddy in his RZR 4 was complaining about powerloss and engine surge when he drove through the water. I legged my trooper back to the trailer and repaired it at camp. If it weren't for us having a front locker I would have been in serious trouble. I beat the ever-living hell out of both the front & rear ends making 5000 plus RPM's through some of the obsticals--they held strong. I think this is when I bent my front steering box fork, but I didn't notice it until I returned home.

So, after repairing the CV I met Jeff & Linda at Poison Spyder. I popped my CV out in the sand but with Jeff's help was able to get it back in quickly. I did several steep walls with ease while large Jeeps stood by and watched. One wall a Jeep attempted and backed away, one of the other walls a fully locked Jeep rolled over on trying to attemp (that is the attached picture). Neither of those were the steepest wall I climbed. The steepest wall I actually had the front wheels in the air as I crested the top. That one scared me a bit. Jeffs Trooper ran solid the whole trail; however, his body did have a few spyder bites afterwards. His suffered from a little less ground clearance, but he was able to power through everything.

The last day we chose an easier & more scenic ride. We did 7 Mile Rim. It was a great way to end the trip for me, but Jeff & Linda stayed a day or two longer. I can't wait to hear the rest of his trip report.



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Yea, like 2scoops said, the temp was nice when the wind was blowing 2298834460104110397TNUAUo_th.jpg and cool when it was calm. We had plenty of slick rock, enough to last me for a while and plenty of sand. On the way home I stopped at a place called Woodside (ghost gas station, don't know if it was ever big enough to be called a ghost town) about 21.5 miles up hi way 6 from I-70 and headed off up CR129 and a short ways in saw 11 animals cross the road 2737299270104110397uCWqYo_th.jpg then stopped again at White River for a couple of nights before coming home to clean up.

A good Memorial Day week end +



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