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Fox air shocks

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Hey joyner people!!!

Been doing some wrk on the t2 rear diff front diff and I have ordered fox air shocks I know some of you may think dumb move but I'm not out in the open and in the desert like you guys are so that means more slower speeds for me :( I ordered the from offroad warehouse 2.0 8.5" travel in rear full extension little over 24" limit strap 22.5 cause it's gonna stretch fronts went with 2.0 5.5" travel extension is 18.53 limit strap 18" had all shocks set at 300 nitro charge to start. First revalve is free shipping free should see them in a week or so I did get the tool from fox to set pressures properly very accurate!!! I will post more info once I have them installed and tried them!!!!!!

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Good for you Charlie. It will be interesting to see how they work out. You will be the first to go to air. Should be a real supple ride.

PS-Received your diff today.


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what was the part number of the fox shocks you bought, I would like to check them out a little more.

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I will keep everyone up to date on how it goes as far as install and ride!! Lenny can't wait to get the t2 back together wiked excited about the new wheel travel!!!! I forgot to mention I got offroad warehouse to extend my testing time from 30-60 days for the first revalve told them I was rebuilding doffs and it would be a bit before it was on the trails again they said no problem! The 8.5 are fox-980-02-017 those are the rears fronts are fox-980-02-015. I forgot to mention I also talked to fox and they told me these shocks with this set up will take 2000lbs of unsprung weight meaning not including wheels tires axles trailing arms a- arms that is how they explained it to me and I guess in California lots of guys are switching to the air shocks in there utv and side by sides! I was also warned that repeated long periods of high speeds over time could over heat the shock but as I said earlier lots of my riding is 20mph and under due to trail size and the people I ride with. Hope this helps

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